Mortal Sentry (#2) Diana Graves

Mortal Sentry - Diana Graves

Mortal SentryMortal Sentry by Diana Graves
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It was so hard to put this book down!!!! Where to start? Raina has to deal with a lot, a demon who wants her dead, a vampire that is crazy, her relationship with her mum and her very questionable relationship with Mato. Then there are her brothers, Nil (Nick), who I fell in love with in this book. Michael, who didn't play a big part in this book but is mentioned and Tristan who I wanted to slap even though he also had only a small part to play in the book. Katie is Raina's sister, well half sister, who has had a rough time too. In Fatal Retribution, they didn't get on, but things begin to shift between the sisters during this book.

This book is full of mystery, action and a touch of romance. It's a book about what lengths you go to for your family despite what everyone else thinks about you or them. Of course there's also dead bodies being discovered, I loved that the EI didn't seek Raina out to help them, but she helped them just because she was there. It is a small and subtle difference that sets the book apart from others in this genre.

Most of these types of books consist of a heroine, a hero and a mission, but Graves' main character has a family and she describes Raina's family and their issues so realistically. The book flows so well that I didn't want to put it down. (Have I said that already?)

As the book develops, relationships change and opinions change. Graves took me on a journey and I'm absolutely devastated that the book has ended.

Alister, Mato and Damon... I think we should just throw them in a room together and see what happens. :)

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