Hidden Embers by Tessa Adams (Book 2 in the Dragon's Heat series)

Hidden Embers - Tessa Adams

Hidden Embers (Dragon's Heat, #2)Hidden Embers by Tessa Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A great sequel to Dark Embers. This is the story of Quinn and Jasmine and their race to beat the virus that's spreading within the Dragonstar clan. Jasmine is a tough woman, she's independent almost to a fault. She takes to the idea of dragons just a bit too easily for me.

The relationship between them is a little more refined than that of Dylan and Phoebe in the previous book. Quinn is a very dominant kind of dragon and this need to dominate and protect Jasmine causes quite a bit of friction between them.

Jasmine is a likable character, she has chemistry with Quinn that's not just physical. The sex scenes were not over the top (well not all of the time) and the passion is conveyed well.

I really enjoyed the book especially as the traitor has a POV. There wasn't much of Dylan in this book, Phoebe has a slightly larger role than her mate as she is part of their mission to find out how the virus is infecting the dragons. I don't see a lot of actual character in her (if you know what I mean) she seemes very one dimensional in this book.

This book was very enjoyable, with parts that melted your heart and other parts where you just wanted to read with one eye open.

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