My Wolf Fighter by Rose Wynters

My Wolf Fighter (Wolf Town Guardians Book 4) - Rose Wynters

My Wolf FighterMy Wolf Fighter by Rose Wynters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from LOP (Lovers of Paranormal)

After the whole scene with the car in the previous book, I was dying to read this installment.

My only issues were the language during the sex scenes, doesn't fit in with the love that is evident between the couple. Also, I think that during the dialogues, the characters are a bit mixed up about what mate they are naming.

Ryker is a loner, a serious kinda guy/wolf and he meets Amanda. She's got a boyfriend (Who is a complete ****) and she's diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Ryker takes her in, not believing she's his mate.

Then Alexander, the King, is challenged for his place on the throne and he asks Ryker to be his second.

I loved seeing how Ryker and Amanda's relationship developed without the mating bond, this was totally different to previous books. And what a happy ending. Awww.

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